You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog

As the saying goes, dogs really are man’s best friend and all owners will do everything they can to keep them safe. Unfortunately, there are a number of people out there that will take advantage of this love and dedication by using opportunities to carry out distraction burglaries. It is best to be aware of the different scenarios and what you can do to prevent being a victim of these criminals.

Some burglars will watch houses and wait for owners to leave with their dogs so they can enter the property without being disturbed by an animal jumping on them or drawing attention to them by barking. This is common for working families who have a routine walk before going to work or taking their children to school, and as it is usually the same route so the burglar knows how long they have to be inside. Then they can take the opportunity to see if the dog owner forgot to lock the door during the struggle to leave the house which can be quite common with dogs running and pulling at their leads to get outside. The best way to avoid burglaries in this scenario is to not get distracted by the dog running to get outside and take the time to check every window and door is closed. You could also mix up the routine by choosing a different walking route each day, or by leaving at a different time each morning.

Dogs can also be used to distract you from burglars whilst you are at home. A number of criminals will walk along the back of people’s gardens and use toys or treats to create enough excitement in the animal to bring the owner into the garden. Whilst the homeowner is trying to calm down their dog, someone could use an open window or open the front door and take anything within reach that could be valuable such as handbags or keys to vehicles. To avoid this type of distraction burglary you should make sure all your windows and doors are closed and locked whilst at home. If you do choose to have open windows you can use window chimes, spikey plants or gravel outside to deter burglars from attempting to enter the house because it would be impossible to do so undetected.

There are also thieves with dogs that use them as a distraction whilst out in public to take advantage of innocent animal lovers. Pick pockets walk in busy shopping areas or popular walking routes enticing people to stroke their pets and engage in conversation whilst someone else steals from their bag or back pocket. This is why whenever you are outside, whether it is going shopping or just going for a walk, make sure all your belongings are safely in a bag and not hanging out your pocket. Your bag should be fully closed with a zip which is at the front when wearing your bag and you should never leave it unattended. You should also be cautious whenever approaching another person’s dog because you do not know its temperament so be wary for yours and the dog’s safety.

Having a dog can also make some people too relaxed about their security because they believe their animal will act as a guard dog so they do not need a security system. Firstly, the dog is not always home because it needs to go out for a walk twice a day and normally dog owners will go on dog friendly activities that will take them away for long periods of time such as a family trip to the beach or dinner at a dog friendly restaurant. Secondly, a number of dogs are so friendly that an intruder would seem like a fun game rather than someone they should run out the door. Unfortunately, the last reason why dogs should not be used as guard dogs is because a lot of burglars are just mindless criminals who will keep the dog quiet by any means necessary such as locking it in a small room, letting it out the house to get lost or injuring it.

To all dog owners, their dogs are the most valuable thing in their home so you should take all necessary steps to ensure their safety whilst at home and away. You also shouldn’t rely on them to protect your home and instead find other more reliable ways to secure your home. Dogs are man’s best friend so if you can protect them in any way, don’t hesitate.

For more advice on a Smart outlook to your security, visit our website where you can let us know what you’d like to learn about in the next blog – Now That Is Smart.

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