Fall Upon Us

As the summer months are put behind us and the dark evenings roll in, we start our preparation for fall by getting our jumpers out of the back of the cupboard and putting the central heating on. However, there are a number of other things we should add to our Autumn checklist which are often forgotten but can be very important in keeping your home secure this season.

1) Outdoor lighting – We recommend you add this to your autumn checklist because the dark evenings give burglars better coverage to approach your home undetected. Houses with lights that are activated by motion sensors are often avoided by thieves. If you already have them, make sure the bulbs are working, they are turned on and visible around any updates you made to your property over the Summer. If you don’t have them, look into getting them installed especially before the clocks go back.

2) Garden Shed – Over the summer, garden tools and outside equipment can be scattered over the garden as you make the most of the sunshine, but now a chill is setting in there will be less work to be done so your tools should be put away. Criminals can use any loose items left around your garden to gain access to your property which can cause a lot of damage. Remember when Autumn rolls around put everything in the shed, lock it up securely and tick it off your list.

3) Trimming – The summer may be over and you are out of the garden, but your plants will continue to grow without you. For this reason, we recommend adding to your diary a regular event to trim back any foliage that can act as a cover for intruders approaching the property. You should pay special attention to bushes in front of windows and trees covering entrances.

4) Weatherproof – Before the coldest months hit a number of people will weatherproof their windows and doors with weather stripping and plastic covers to conserve energy. This is a great opportunity to go and check all your window and doors are secure, there is no rot developing and fix any damages. It is important to check them regularly so no thief can take advantage of a weak spot that develops over time.

5) Mockupancy – Of course we encourage mockupancy all year round but it is essential in the winter months as this is the time people are home more and therefore it is easier for burglars to distinguish which house is empty. Looked into adding a timer to your lights and television, and ask a trusted neighbour or family member to close your curtains and move your mail away from the door.

Once you have checked off all these points you will have an added sense of security to enjoy the festivities over the next few months. However don’t forget that the best peace of mind comes from using a security system so make sure purchasing a system is at the top of your list.

For more advice on a Smart outlook to your security, visit our website where you can let us know what you’d like to learn about in the next blog – now that is Smart.

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