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Imagine coming back from your honeymoon, one of the most special trips you will ever take, and coming home to find your house has been ransacked, your belongings taken and your honeymoon bubble burst. It is understandable that people getting married want to shout it from the roof tops and share the celebration with as many people as possible but it can also make them a target to criminals. This is why it is recommended to avoid some common wedding trends to protect yourself, your home and your big day.

Social media should not be used to make any important announcements about your wedding including getting engaged, choosing a location, booking the day and choosing the dress. Each announcement could be shared with people directly with all your trusted family and friends but if you put it on social media it is now accessible by anyone looking hard enough. For example, some burglars will look for pictures of expensive items such as engagement rings on Instagram to pick where they target. Others will look at wedding venues Facebook pages to see who has checked in to the location, and then determine people’s wealth based on their profiles. Save the moments you cherish for yourself and if you do wish to share them on social media, make sure all your privacy settings are friends only and never make it public.

It has become a popular trend to countdown to your big day in creative ways which can leave you vulnerable. This is not just a countdown to your wedding but also a countdown to when the house will be empty for the whole day and when your house will be full of expensive wedding gifts afterwards. Before you make any decisions on how to do your countdown, put your personal safety first. If you choose to purchase chalk boards or letter boards to hang up in your house, think about the location you are hanging them such as inside and away from windows or doors where someone could view them if they were checking the place out. When using an app on your phone to countdown, do not connect the app to your social media pages so the countdown is out of the public eye. Also make sure your phone is password protected to stop you from handing over all the information a burglar needs if your phone was stolen or hacked.

The biggest pre-wedding party is usually the stag or hen do which is no longer just a traditional one-night event but now includes a week off work and a plane to get there. Destination parties have become the average for everyone involved in the wedding which gives a large amount of room for people to share who is away and for how long. Take it upon yourself to remind all your friends and family involved in the holiday to not share any group pictures or tag you in social media post about the trip until you are back. It will put everyone involved at risk. It is also recommended that you tell a trusted neighbour you are away, and ask them to take and parcels or post inside and out the way so no one looking into the property can tell it’s empty. This is the same for the honeymoon as well. It is common for people to leave straight after their wedding which means burglars are aware anyone getting married is likely to be away for a week after so take extra measures to keep your home secure whilst you’re away.

For a burglar, a house after a wedding is a prime target because it is full of expensive wedding presents and monetary contributions to married life. You should keep a register of all the gifts received and the condition because it will make them easy to track on sale sites if stolen, and it helps with thank you notes. Make sure the thanks are given privately and not through social media sites because it becomes public knowledge what you have at home. All of the gifts are likely to be brand new and in their original packaging which makes them easy to sell on which is why it is recommend to put them away properly so it is less desirable for a burglar. Any cheques or cash received should be banked and cards showing the value stored away. The rubbish and packaging from all these gifts should be taken to a house waste recycling centre otherwise it would attract burglars by acting as a catalogue of what the property holds if left outside before the bins are collected.

The excitement surrounding a wedding is easy to get caught up in, but do not let it make you vulnerable to burglary and sour the memories you are making to last a lifetime. Many victims will tell you that the worst thing about a burglary is not what is taken but what they leave behind. Every decision you make is important for your dream wedding day, so make the first choice to be to put your security first.

For more advice on a Smart outlook to your security, visit our website where you can let us know what you’d like to learn about in the next blog – now that is Smart.

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