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February is full of love when Valentine’s Day comes around but it can also leave singles lusting after a new relationship and on the road to finding happiness people don’t realise how their love life can affect their security.

A lot of people look into using online dating services to meet someone new, but you must be careful about what information you are sharing as it is available to anyone who signs up to the website. It could also be stored in a database which can be accessed by the company or intelligent hackers looking for a list of targets. For example, if you share that you are living alone a burglar will know you are vulnerable or if you share that you go to a dance class every Thursday night a burglar will know when your property is empty. You should also be sure the people you are talking to are who they say they are and not someone using a fake profile to scam people. This can be done by asking for social media profiles to see they actively communicate with friends and colleagues, or asking for real time photos such as a picture of them with their dog if they say they are out on a walk.

After you have spent a while getting to know a person you will eventually organise a date which is when you have to be very alert of any danger not just to your security but also your personal safety. Firstly, meet them at the location of the date and do not get picked up or dropped off. Telling someone where you live not only puts you at risk, but also lets them know which house is going to be empty at the time of your date. The next thing to remember is that someone knows where you are at all times, tell your friend or family member where you are meeting, if you go anywhere else and when you are home. Also, if you feel unsafe or unsure at any time during the first meeting do not feel afraid to leave, you can blame it on a stomach ache or a family emergency if that makes it easier. If the date does go well and you are enjoying yourself, stay in the moment and don’t start uploading pictures on social media letting people know you are out and your house is currently an empty target.

Once in a relationship there are many opportunities to be swept away in the romance and let your guard down. When you are given special gifts you usually want to boast about it to all your friends by posting it on social media but this turns into an online shopping list for burglars. It is important to be extra careful with posts like this on days which can involve a lot of expensive presents and days out the house like Valentine’s day or Christmas. On top of the gifts there are also the special dates or romantic getaways when you tag your location to show everyone who is having a better Monday morning, but this will let people know when your house is empty and all it takes is one wrong person to find out. To be safe, save the social media bragging for when you return home and enjoy the time with your special someone whilst you’re in the moment.

When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the next big step will be an engagement, a wedding and most importantly a ring. A lot of couples will organise a photoshoot to celebrate their engagement which involve a lot of close up shots of the engagement ring which is either your biggest purchase or the most expensive thing you wear. Posting pictures like this can entice burglars to attempt to steal the ring or it lets them know who to watch for a bigger loot later on. A wedding day can result in a large number of gifts from your friends and family including items for your new family home or monetary contributions towards the big day. That’s why they should be deposited as soon as possible or kept safely at home with a security system. The majority of couples will go on a honeymoon shortly after the wedding so it is even more important to ensure the house is secure whilst you are away. As usual, do not post pictures of your holiday until you return and ask a trusted family member or neighbour to keep an eye on your property.

In relationships you learn to let down your guard but do not allow yourself to be swept away by the romance and let down you guard when it comes to your security, instead work together with your partner following this advice to keep yourselves safe and secure.

For more advice on a Smart outlook to your security, visit our website where you can let us know what you’d like to learn about in the next blog – now that is Smart.

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