Keep Your Paws Off

The most treasured part of any home is the family living inside it, including the four-legged kind. Unfortunately, there are a number of criminals who see pets as a valuable commodity or a barrier to goods inside the house. There have been a number of burglaries that have had poor outcomes for family pets. In some cases, they have been stolen and sold on, in other cases they have been injured or let out of the property to keep them from alerting anyone of the intruder. Luckily through advances in technology and wider education on the subject people are learning more ways to keep their animals’ safe and discourage rouge traders.

There are a large number of private breeders that use social media and local advertising to sell their litters. The important thing when buying in these situations is too look out for signs of a rogue trader who may be selling on a stolen animal. When buying a puppy or kitten ask for their vet’s information, to see the mother, to see the living conditions and meet them in advance of purchase. If they meet you in a public area, always have animals available or do not ask you any other questions than about money and pick up arrangements it is best to avoid them. There have been occasions when pets have been stolen for order which is why you should ask what is available, not let them know exactly what you are looking for. By following this advice not only do you avoid supporting criminals but you will also be able to ensure you are taking home a healthy and well cared for animal.

As people are learning, more burglaries are happening whilst people are in the house which is why we encourage pet owners in particular to be aware of any unusual behaviour at home. There have been reports of people walking past gardens with squeaky dog toys or throwing them into the garden, trying to attract the animals and take them. For this reason, we encourage supervising your dogs whilst they are in the garden, maintaining high strong fences and investigating any unusual items found at home. Similarly, we encourage you to supervise your dog whilst in public as well. If they are off the lead, be aware of people around you who may be attempting to lure your pet away.

When your dog or cat has escaped from the house or got lost in public this is when they are most vulnerable to thieves but there are some easy ways to deter them. By making sure your animal has a collar and tag with information it means anyone who comes across them will know they have owners who will be looking for them. This can instantly discourage thieves. The best form of identification is using pet microchips which you can get at most veterinary offices. When a lost animal is brought to a vet they can check if they have been micro-chipped and find their owners or if they are claiming it is their new pet and it is already micro-chipped they can report the animal as stolen based on the information recorded on their chip. It is also recommended to say the animal is micro-chipped on their collar tag because it will alert the person straight away how to return them to the owner and deter thieves even further.

A number of households rely on their pets as their security feature tasked with protecting the home but this is not always a reliable or safe option. Even if you have a dog who barks whenever someone comes to the front door, they can’t contact you to let you know there’s an intruder if you’re not at home. Also, they are not always in the house, for example if they are out on a dog walk with you, who is protecting the home? The main reason this is not a safe option is because it can put your beloved pet at risk. If someone breaks in and leaves an entrance open they can get out, get lost or get hurt. Even worse, they could be hurt by the burglar and that is not a risk any pet owner wants to take.

Protect your pets as you’d protect all your other valuables; make sure they are microchipped, supervise their behaviour and look into investing in a pet immune home security system. By following this advice, you may end up saving your pet and yourself from a future without each other. Instead you can enjoy a safe and secure happily ever after.

For more advice on a Smart outlook to your security, visit our website where you can let us know what you’d like to learn about in the next blog – now that is Smart.

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