Spring into Season

The British weather may trick us into believing otherwise, but we are in Spring and occasionally entertained with a beautiful blue sky. Now is the time to take advantage of the good weather to get your home and garden into order by following our simple suggestions. This is not the Spring Clean you’d expect but a way to keep your home secure as we enter the warmer months.

The best place to start is in your garden. Look for any overgrown trees or bushes that could be used as cover from anyone looking into the garden or out of the house. All the shrubbery around the house should not cover your windows but it is useful to have flower beds around potential entry points to deter burglars, they are less likely to attempt a complicated entry. It is also important to keep your whole garden well-kept because a neglected garden gives the appearance you are away from the property, whether on holiday or constantly at work.

'items like shovels or rakes could be used to force entry into your home'

As you complete your gardening make sure you do not leave any of your tools laying around because items like shovels or rakes could be used to force entry into your home. If you keep these sorts of things in a shed or outhouse, it should be securely locked so nothing can be taken or used on your property. It is advised to put sheds in direct site from the house, it is more vulnerable if it is hidden at the end of the garden. The same can be said if any maintenance is being done to the house, ladders and materials should be packed away when left unsupervised.

It is the perfect time of year to do any home improvements you’ve been planning so check on the strength and security of your doors and windows. Some locks and seals can become weathered or broken over the winter which makes them vulnerable entry points. Any broken gutters or fallen roof slates should be fixed and secured so they aren’t used on weak areas. When everything you already have is secure, think of treating yourself to a new feature like outdoor lighting as a deterrent, or a gate and fencing to create an additional barrier.

Of course, the best investment for your home is a home security system such as ours that allows you to protect your property and deter burglars. However, this teamed with the advice we have given you will greatly improve your home security, giving you peace of mind not just this season but all year round.

For more advice on a Smart outlook to your security, visit our website where you can let us know what you’d like to learn about in the next blog – now that is Smart.

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