Your Christmas list... their shopping list

Christmas time is finally upon us but for some people it’s far from the most wonderful time of the year…

Just last week a family home was burgled and during the raid the burglar opened all the wrapped Christmas presents to see if they could find something of high value. Unfortunately, this is not the only case of a Christmas break-in and more than likely it won’t be the last. Burglars are likely to target a property if they know there is something worth taking so you can take just a few simple steps to avoid a similar incident during the festive season.

Social media is one the most popular forms of communication in the modern age but there are some things you should always keep to yourself. If you visit your Facebook news feed now you are likely to find a picture of someone’s Christmas tree, a status update that the Christmas presents are finally wrapped, or a New Year’s Eve event with numerous people attending. Little do you know this is an invitation into your life and your home. Pictures in particular can show vulnerability in the home, identify hidden entrances and catalogue items that could be targeted. The same can be said for events, especially public ones, that have a list of people attending a certain place at a certain time and now we have a list of people who won’t be home for the evening. The easiest thing to do is think what you are giving away before you post anything onto your social media accounts.

Our previous blog introduced the idea of mockupancy and this time of year is the perfect occasion to put it into practice. Lots of people travel during Christmas to visit family or they take long walks out to see the festive lights leaving their house empty. Make a change to appear your home by leaving a light on the timer, getting a neighbour to open and close the curtains overnight, or playing music from the living room.

Music is a huge part of Christmas and it’s this time of year that the age-old tradition of carolling fills the streets with joy. However, in the modern age carollers, charity collectors and company officials are being impersonated by individuals part-taking in distraction burglaries. This is when someone will come to your front door asking you questions, trying to gain entry or simply taking attention away from the rest of the house. In many cases whilst this is happening an accomplice will try to enter from the back of the house, or the person talking to you may take something from the property on their way out. Therefore, take care by locking the back door whilst opening the front, do not grant access to anyone you don’t know and if they say they have official ID then call the company they work for to confirm the person’s status. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

All these points are important but the most important thing to remember is its Christmas! Have fun, be safe and enjoy yourselves. If the whole community works together to deter crime by following these simple tips then we really can make it the most wonderful time of the year.

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