Bright Lights on Winter Nights

The time is here to wrap up warm, turn up the heating and stay home in front of the television… but what about that rare occasion when you’re out of the house?

It can be easy to work out if someone is home because you’ll see the flashing television or the light in the kitchen. Well burglars are likely to think the same way as you. If they see a light is on they may think someone is home, even better if they see a light turn on then they will assume someone is home. So how do you create the appearance that someone is home? This is known as ‘mockupancy’ – the art of being home, when you are not.

A good way to form this simple illusion, is by adding timers to your plug sockets so your appliances will turn on at a certain time. This could be a light in the hallway followed by a light in the living room, to create the idea of movement through the house. However, you could also use it on a radio or television to make noise as well as light.

There are some things the winter season brings that will help you deter crime. Christmas lights are a fantastic deterrent to keep your home bright and in the public eye. If your decorations are the talk of the town, everyone will be looking your way and it’ll be harder go in or out unnoticed.

Lighting is a must in the winter but you should also remember the things you usually neglect during the cold season, such as the upkeep of your garden. Overgrown bushes under the window or long grass in the back garden give cover to people who do not wish to be seen. In the winter, be sure to keep your garden intact. Just half an hour out in the cold to trim the bushes could help you more than you think.

In the same way you protect your home, the rules apply in many other areas during these long dark evenings. Park your car under a streetlight, walk home with a friend, stick to well-lit areas and always tell someone where you are. However the most important thing to remember is… it will be Spring time before you know it!

For more advice on your home security or to enquire about our wireless light switch to initiate your own mockupancy, then visit our website where you can let us know what you’d like to learn about in the next blog – now that is Smart.

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