There is a new way of securing your home.

A Smart way.

We figured that the best way for you to get to know us and our approach to securing your home is through answering some of the questions we get asked (a lot).

The most important thing to remember when dealing with us is we know what we are talking about. We base all of our decisions for the security of your home, family and possessions based on years of Civilian and Military policing experience, critically assessing our products against current crime trends and requirements.

At the end of the day, we are here to hinder, deter and ascertain criminals. We don't like 'scaremongering', but crime is not a thing of the past and nor are current trends on the slide.


Modern break-ins are swift, efficient and sometimes violent - this is something we should all take very seriously - and we do. Our primary focus is to get you and your family set up with the most user-friendly, flexible system that suits your lifestyle, but instantly communicates to criminals that yours is not a property to approach.

What is the minimum term of your contract?

Simple - we do not do contracts - that is the old fashioned way. When you buy from us, you own your system, you control your system and yes, you can add to, move and adapt your system over the years to come. Let us face it - things do not stay the same for long!

How much does a Smart Home Security system cost?

There is no simple answer to this. The configuration will alter depending on your security requirements, lifestyle, needs and, of course, the layout of your house and grounds.

Before investing in the security system from Smart Home Security, our expert Security Assessors will visit your home to conduct a security assessment totally free-of-charge and with no commitment on your part. They will determine the best solution to guarantee your security and they will give you a personalised quote of the cost with complete explanation of the items needed to give you the best protection.

Who is in charge of the installation?

Smart Home Security has a team of accredited security technicians who will come to your home to perform the system installation. Your installation and products come with a full 5-year manufacturers guarantee along with our excellent after sales service.

Needless to say it requires no work from your part. The installation will be taken care of by our team of experts who aim to cause as little disruption as possible.

Will you maintain my Smart Home Security system?

No need – it checks itself! The Smart Home Security system is the latest innovative technology that ‘self- checks’ continually, removing the need for costly maintenance contracts.

For insurance purposes, we are happy to provide an inexpensive ‘pay as you go’ maintenance check. However, it is important to note that you are not tied into any lengthy maintenance contract – it is simply as and when you require it.

Why should I use a security alarm system?

Complete peace of mind. Although you may never have suffered a robbery and you take great care in closing your windows and doors, sometimes it just is not enough to stay safe. Thanks to the internet and social media, todays criminals are far better informed and able to plan their burglaries successfully. For this reason, a quality security alarm system provides the best safety for your home security.

Are wireless home alarm systems better?

The Smart Home Security system offers many advantages compared to wired systems:

  • The installation is more efficient, reducing the time it takes (normally 3 – 5 hours).

  • No wires or major disruption to your home aesthetics.

  • The Smart Home Security system uses Lithium batteries that are guaranteed to last at least 10 years, therefore the system will continue working even if your electricity is cut.

  • Easily replaceable sensors.

  • Maintenance free – meaning lower costs.

  • Easy to remove if needed - if you move home, your system can too!

  • X3D Communication protocol with interception detector means that you have one of the world's most secure systems available.

What makes up the best alarm system?

Smart Home Security continually reviews the market to establish the very best alarm systems for your home. Their demanding 6-point criteria has resulted in providing a product manufactured by market leader Delta Dore.


SHS criteria:

  1. Reliable build quality.

  2. Durable software easy to use.

  3. Latest technology designed to provide the customer with maximum control and information, whilst simultaneously ensuring that it is as criminally unfriendly as possible.

  4. Aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing.

  5. Not likely to become obsolete within 5-years.

  6. Easily maintained.

  7. Long term manufacture guarantee.

What does my security app consist of?

You can manage your Smart Home Security System easily, straight from your mobile phone or any smart device. You can activate and deactivate the alarm, turn specific scenarios including your lights and zones you have created on or off, and much more. With these functionalities, you will be able to manage the safety and security of your home or business from wherever you are with just a few clicks. The App is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile phones.


Can I add or upgrade automated systems to the Smart Home Security control panel?

Yes. We provide the most advanced Smart interface in the world designed to be able to work with new technology so that it does not suddenly become obsolete within a year or two.


Why are smart alarms becoming so popular?

Smart alarms combine the reassurance of physical security with the convenience of personal mobile device management, empowering the customer to benefit from a more secure lifestyle. It is becoming a common theme for local Police Forces up and down the country to promote “self- monitoring” as this can be more effective in reacting to intrusions and greatly reduced false alarms. It also removes the need to pay hefty monthly payments to a manned monitoring centre.

How do the motion detectors work?

Put simply, a PIR sensor detects changes in the amount of infrared radiation impinging upon it, which varies depending on the temperature and surface characteristics of the objects in front of the sensor.

There is a large selection of movement sensors. For instance, indoor and outdoor motion sensors. Also, there are passive sensors and active sensors, they both use different technologies. Passive sensors (which are the most accurate) emit radioactive energy and then monitor the space. The active sensors see the changes in the energies around the area. Different types of motion sensor alarms have the same goal, that is to sense the presence of an intruder and send some kind of alarm or alert to the monitoring centre.

How does the smoke alarm / detector work?

A popular add-on to the main alarm system is the Smart Home Security smoke detector. It looks like a smarter version of your standard smoke alarm, but works with your alarm system to alert you even if you are not at home and comes with a 10-year battery. On the detection of a fire, the smoke alarm will warn occupants with its built-in siren, it will also set off any indoor and outdoor alarm sirens associated with the smoke detector. At the same time, the alarm system will start to notify, via SMS or calls, the people set up in the alarm control unit for alerts.  

What happens if there is a power cut?

The Smart Home Security System has 10-year lithium batteries installed in its products and therefore does not rely on power. It will contact you if the power has been cut and your system will continue to protect your home. Your home will remain protected with the siren even if it can't contact you. 

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You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is to get your home smart and secure. Contact us for your free, no obligation security assessment today. 

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