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Smart Home Security is proud to be an official partner of market leading home automation manufacturer Delta Dore, designed and manufactured in Europe. With over 10 million installations across the globe, Delta Dore leads the way in home security and home automation. Fully backed with a 5-year product warranty and supplied with advanced lithium 10-year life batteries - guaranteed, our systems will keep you secure for years to come. Oh... and they look beautiful too.

Our products are mostly autonomous – meaning that they do not need to be hard-wired into the mains or your network. As a result, installation is both quick and non-intrusive, and is only ever carried out by our fully trained and DBS cleared installers.

This also means that in the event of the power or network being cut in your home during a break-in, you are still covered and contacted via SMS by your system so that you can make an informed decision on what to do next. That is as secure as it gets!

All of the components in your security system communicate via their own proprietary X3D network –effectively a ring-fenced home cloud. This means even in the event of your home network or broadband dropping out, the Smart Home Security system will not.

X3D also works on a dedicated and licensed radio frequency within a 300m range, so it will not interfere with any of your pre-existing networks or GSM. Transmission across the X3D is further secured by a 'rolling code' function, meaning that no access can be captured by network scanners as the security codes are changed each time the system is activated in any way (e.g. every time you come and go). 

Something for every home

The range of security options for our systems is ultimately up to you.
Our core product sets include combinations of:

  • An external visible and audible alarm/siren

  • PIR detectors for movement detection

  • Security cameras for remote detection and capture of burst sequences

  • Window alarms - pressure, impact and closure

  • Door alarms

  • Entry/exit keypad

  • Key fobs


All of these components are managed through the Tydom controller and home bridge for secure remote access so that you have complete control and visibility from any smart device.


You can configure up to 8 separate zones for absolute control of your property, however big. Additionally, all our installations can take up to fifty security peripherals including external wired streaming cameras, smoke alarms, flood/water alarms as well as hundreds more additional home automation goodies such as thermostats, light and room controls and home entertainment. Best to talk to us to explore the vast range of options available to you.

Make the SMART decision and choose the BEST

Designed to work.

Engineered to last.

Once installed, you are in full remote control of your home security system - giving you peace of mind around the clock.


At the very first sign of intrusion your detectors will instantly communicate with you whether you are at home or away. Check-in on pets, children or the general comings and goings of family life when you are not there to share it. And while they will probably insist they are fine, motion sensors are especially great for making sure teenagers and elderly relatives are safe and sound when you are not there.


The wireless security systems not only alert you of unwelcome visitors, but also provide external and internal sirens to disturb the intruder and notify neighbours as well as immediate push alerts to you and your nominated key holders. Distress buttons are also available to assist elderly or vulnerable people who may require help more quickly than others.


Wherever you are, always keep an eye on your home. You can access the world of automation with the Smart Home Security app. All the security systems are completely wireless so can be monitored and controlled from anywhere with either WiFi or mobile signal. You can switch your system ON or OFF or initiate scenarios and zones, or even listen and speak to whoever is in your home!

Peace of Mind 

The TYXAL + system is a professional product; thus it is very important to have a professionally trained service to install it in order to ensure the long term integrity of your investment. 
Smart Home Security are one of our leading security partners and you are guaranteed to get the best possible value from a service that takes their extensive expertise and tailors our product to your every security need. 
Kind Regards, 
John Bradford
National Sales Manager  
Delta Dore 


Vehicle Tracker - the Monimoto

Smart Home Security is pleased to also be able to offer the Monimoto Vehicle tracker. As well as being alerted when someone tries to break into your home, the Monimoto will allow you to be informed when your vehicle is under threat. To find out more, please have a look at our dedicated vehicle tracker page by clicking here.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is to get your home smart and secure. Contact us for your free, no obligation security assessment today. 

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