Take control and keep an eye on your property, possessions and pets. 

CCTV Controlled From Your Phone

Protecting your home with a free security assessment


The latest smart technology means you can control your external CCTV from anywhere on your smart device. 

Secure subscription-free connection


Data stored on an encrypted SD card at no monthly cost. 

Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera
Alert and control

Set up monitoring schedules and be alerted of any potential intrusion via your smart phone. Download your videos at any time. 

Quality image


Full 1080p HD images for optimal resolution and image clarity.

H265 encoding to ensure unparalleled image quality for a perfect view.

Viewing angel of 130 degrees, enhanced night vision up to 30 metres, even in complete darkness, and 4 x zoom. 

Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera
Durability and security


Designed to withstand extreme weather and continually updated with the latest encryption technology. Use as a standalone CCTV system or link to your Smart Home Security alarm system app. 

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